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EAS makers of Myoplex, Simply Soy Protein, Betagen, Phosphagain, RiboForce, ZMA, and Myoplex Bars for professional athletes and active individuals who combine exercise, proper nutrition and sports supplements to enhance their physical and mental performance.

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Olympic Budy Fuel brings you nutritional supplements from EAS, MET-Rx, Muscletech, and Worldwide Sport Nutrition - Click here to email sales.

Match the nutritional supplement with your goals.

Match the supplement with your goals.

Weight Loss and Get Ripped

Weight loss is best accomplished through a combination of exercise, supplements to support fat loss, and controlling your daily caloric intake. We offer many supplements to support Weight Loss and a lean defined body such as EAS Myoplex products (shakes and bars), and BetaLean HP.

Weight Loss Programs:

Aerobic exercise: 30 minutes aerobic activity 5 days a week, preferably on an empty stomach; in the morning, prior to breakfast, is best.

Resistance: high intensity 60 minutes 4 times per week. Supplements: Myoplex (2-3 per day), Betagen (3 per day), BetaLean HP (2-3 on TRAINING DAYS ONLY).

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Muscle Growth

Individuals looking to increase size and strength without excess body fat should investigate the following EAS products: Myoplex Deluxe, Synthevol HP, ZMA HP, Protein, and Methoxy Factor HP. Remember that for any muscle to grow you mush have the essential and nonessential amino acids in your system. Essential amino acids cannot be created by the body but must be ingested making a protein supplement an absolute requirement! Also note that when using Methoxy Factor HP you MUST also take protein to realize the 7% muscle growth in 10 days.

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Muscle Growth Program:

Resistance: see above Supplements: Myoplex Deluxe (2 per day), Synthevol HP (1-2 per day, one after workout), ZMA HP (one taken 30 minutes before exercise and one before bed). Methoxy Factor HP 5 gelcaps per day with protein for 10 days.

Lose Body Fat and Gain Lean Mass

If you want to lose bodyfat and gain lean mass we recommend Methoxy Factor HP supplemented with Protein above all others!

Methoxy Factor HP can increase your muscle mass by 7% AND decrease your fat by 10% in just 10 days; but, you must also supplement your diet with protein to realize the muscle gain!

I'm taking Methoxy Factory HP along with Precision Protein and the results are visible in about four days!

Besides Methoxy Factor HP, the following EAS products also support the combination of fat loss and muscle gain: Myoplex Deluxe, Synthevol HP, Betagen, BetaLean.

Fat Loss Muscle Gain Programs:

Aerobic: see above. Resistance: see above.

Supplements: Methoxy Factor HP 5 gelcaps per day, Precision Protein, Myoplex Deluxe (2-3 per day), SyntheVol HP (1-2, one after workout), Betagen (3/day), BetaLean HP (2-3 on training days of Aerobic: see above. NLY, 30 minutes before workout or meal).

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Match the supplement with your goals.

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