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EAS makers of Myoplex, Simply Soy Protein, Betagen, Phosphagain, RiboForce, ZMA, and Myoplex Bars for professional athletes and active individuals who combine exercise, proper nutrition and sports supplements to enhance their physical and mental performance.

MET-Rx Engineered Nutrition

Hydroxycut Nitrotech CellTech mesotech anotesten Nortesten  all available!

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Olympic Budy Fuel brings you nutritional supplements from EAS, MET-Rx, Muscletech, and Worldwide Sport Nutrition - Click here to email sales.

Nitro-Tech by Muscletech


Nitro-Tech Protein Supplement

Nitro-Tech increases lean muscle mass from Muscletech

  • 2400% Better than Whey!
  • Helps Reduce Fat!
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass!
  • Increase strength!

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As a protein supplement nothing rates higher than whey protein in terms of biological value, nitrogen retention, immune system support and protein synthesis. The problem is, whey has limitations and nobody seemed to want to tackle the issue. After all, bodybuilders kept buying REGULAR whey, so why change a good thing that's working well?

Bodybuilders never had the chance to buy something better than whey... until now. Not satisfied with the status quo, MuscleTech set its research and development team to the daunting task of improving REGULAR whey protein. After four years of intense research, MuscleTech proudly introduces

NITRO-Tech, the world's first nitrogen delivery technology. NITRO-Tech's potent anabolic and anticatabolic properties are due to three important complexes - Synthepro ™, Nitroxen ™, and Insulogen™. These three complexes act together to help amplify the anabolic properties of whey protein by potentially allowing more amino acids to be shuttled into the muscles rather than oxidized, thereby helping to add more lean mass and strength than otherwise possible.



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