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EAS makers of Myoplex, Simply Soy Protein, Betagen, Phosphagain, RiboForce, ZMA, and Myoplex Bars for professional athletes and active individuals who combine exercise, proper nutrition and sports supplements to enhance their physical and mental performance.

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Olympic Budy Fuel brings you nutritional supplements from EAS, MET-Rx, Muscletech, and Worldwide Sport Nutrition - Click here to email sales.

Meso-Tech Powder by Muscletech

Meso-Tech Protein Powder
Meso-Tech Protein Mix by Muiscletech

  • 52 Grams of Exclusively Whey Protein!
  • Supports Increases in Muscle Size and Strength!
  • Incredible Taste!
  • 10 Grams of Glutamine & Glutamic Acid per Serving.

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MESO-Tech contains the precise macronutrient ratios prized by all athletes and bodybuilders – high protein, moderate carbohydrates and low fat. High protein in MESO-Tech can be defined as 52 grams of pure whey protein. In fact, MESO-Tech contains exclusively whey protein, the benefits of which have long been endorsed by many leading scientists, doctors and sport nutritionists. MESO-Tech also provides a moderate dose of 24 grams of complex carbohydrates. Research indicates that a mixed macronutrient meal (i.e., protein and carbohydrates) is a far superior means of maintaining an increase in insulin levels and glycogen stores as compared to protein or carbohydrates alone. MESO-Tech’s macronutrient profile also includes essential fatty acids (EFAs) which are necessary for the growth and repair of muscle tissue. EFAs have also been shown to increase nitrogen retention, hormone production and thermogenesis. Upon close examination, it is evident that the macronutrient profile of MESO-Tech is by far the best of any meal replacement supplement in the sports nutrition industry. The researchers at MuscleTech believe that there is simply no other meal replacement supplement comparable to MESO-Tech. Bodybuilders and other athletes using MESO-Tech as part of their diet and training program are reporting dramatic gains in lean mass and strength..


Why settle for second-rate ingredients in a meal replacement supplement? Obviously, the two most important considerations when purchasing any meal replacement product are the actual amount of protein and the type of protein used. We all know protein is the most important nutrient for gaining muscle mass, size and strength. That’s why MESO-Tech contains more protein (52 g) than any other meal replacement supplement on the market! More important is the fact that the protein source included in MESO-Tech is strictly 100% pure whey protein. MESO-Tech contains no protein from inferior sources like casein, milk protein isolate or even egg albumin since all of these protein sources have low biological values (BV) and are poorly absorbed. Whey protein has the highest BV of any protein available. A higher BV means more protein ends up in your muscle with less protein being wasted. The whey protein used in MESO-Tech is full spectrum and partially hydrolyzed with high concentrations of glycomacropeptides (GMP), which help to increase nitrogen retention.

Combined with the perfect macronutrient profile for hard-training athletes and bodybuilders alike, along with an exclusive whey protein source, each serving of MESO-Tech also provides over 10 g of glutamine and glutamine precursors. Glutamine is the most abundant free-form amino acid found in skeletal muscle tissue – an absolute necessity for any hard-training athlete. Several studies point to the ability of glutamine to dramatically help increase plasma growth hormone levels and nitrogen retention within the muscle cells. MESO-Tech supplies the highest dosage of glutamine and glutamine precursors per serving of any meal replacement supplement.

MESO-Tech also addresses two other critical aspects relating to meal replacement products – taste and mixing ability. MESO-Tech is available in three delicious flavors – Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry Cream! The research and development team at MuscleTech spared no expense as they tested literally hundreds of different samples for each flavor before deciding on the final formulation. This ensures that MESO-Tech is indeed one of the best-tasting meal replacement supplements you can buy! As for the mixing ability issue, MESO-Tech uses a special processing method called agglomeration ensuring no clumping occurs when mixing the product. MESO-Tech is unbeatable when you consider that it mixes instantly with a spoon, no blender required. The formula for the perfect meal is complete and the result is obvious. MESO-Tech is the hands-down choice and the only meal replacement supplement that can claim the title of having the “most and best source of protein.” But don’t just take our word for it. Examine the chart above and find out how other meal replacement products compare to MESO-Tech.



Meso-Tech Protein Powder

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