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EAS makers of Myoplex, Simply Soy Protein, Betagen, Phosphagain, RiboForce, ZMA, and Myoplex Bars for professional athletes and active individuals who combine exercise, proper nutrition and sports supplements to enhance their physical and mental performance.

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Olympic Budy Fuel brings you nutritional supplements from EAS, MET-Rx, Muscletech, and Worldwide Sport Nutrition - Click here to email sales.

Myoplex Mass™ Shake by EAS

EAS Information Page

Information on: Myoplex Mass Shake

Myoplex Mass Shake

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The EAS team developed Myoplex Mass™ nutrition shake, a specially formulated precision-nutrition shake that takes take the guesswork out of optimal nutrition. The Myoplex Mass™ formula is custom engineered to be the perfect post-workout nutrient-replenishment nutrition shake. It's packed with the EAS proprietary carbohydrate blend, as well as an ample serving of state-of-the-art protein isolates (including ion-exchanged whey). This revolutionary formula is designed to provide 29 vitamins and minerals. Also included in the Myoplex Mass™ formula are the amino acids glutamine and taurine, which support cell volumizing. Scientific evidence suggests that consuming the nutrients in Myoplex Mass™ within an hour after a vigorous weight-training session can support protein synthesis, minimize elevations in cortisol levels (a potent catabolic/ muscle-destroying hormone), enhance muscle recovery after exercise, and increase glycogen synthesis. The Myoplex Mass™ formula uses a carbohydrate polymer, which was developed by Swedish research scientists for use by elite athletes. Scientific evidence suggests this high-energy carbohydrate source may increase post-exercise glycogen production, which could mean faster recuperation after exercise, greater muscle fullness and substantially greater energy reserves. The levels of carbohydrates and protein in Myoplex Mass™ were selected based on research which has shown that when quality protein is added, in just the right amount, to a supplement rich in carbohydrates, the post-workout response of insulin, one of the body's key anabolic hormones, is enhanced, while catabolic activity of cortisol is minimized. Also integrated into the Myoplex Mass™ formula is the special phosphate blend which scientific evidence suggests may enhance workout performance and may even boost the metabolic rate. Although precisely formulated for use right after workouts, Myoplex Mass™ can be used as a total-nutrition shake anytime your body needs quality nutrition, Myoplex Mass™ is there, supporting gains in muscle size and strength by offering the quality protein, carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids the body needs. Each serving of Myoplex Mass™ provides 500 nutrient-rich calories. The combination of nutrient-rich calories and high-quality proteins make Myoplex Mass™ the ideal nutrition shake for athletes looking to bulk up and gain quality weight --it's an excellent alternative to the high-sugar, low-protein, low-quality weight gainers of yesteryear. This high-quality formula also offers tremendous value and convenience, and like all Myoplex™ Precision-Nutrition Formulas®, it's delicious and super easy to use!

Myoplex Mass Shake Serving Size:

1 packet (130 g)

Recommended Use:

For a rich, creamy shake, combine the contents of each packet with 16 to 18 oz of cold water or skim milk and thoroughly mix in a blender or shaker for 45 seconds. For best results, use 1 serving within 1 hour following exercise.




EAS Information Page

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